Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keller Williams Referred Realty - Yay!! :)

Yay!! I'm so Happy & Proud to be part of an Amazing Team at Keller Williams Referred Realty

Sooo let me know what's new with you? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: MaskerAide Sheet Masks

Hey Everyone! How are you doing?!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out these masks Tiffany!

Have you heard of these MaskerAide Sheet Masks?

They are a fun, one-time use mask where the mask is a thin fibre sheet with a lot of moisturizer on them. 
It's a very hydrating type of face mask  

There are six different types of MaskerAide Sheet Masks which you can purchase online at ObsessedCanada here
The great perk for us Canadians is that there is free shipping for online purchases over $25 

Here are three of the masks I used:

I wanted to try the All Nighter Mask first since I'm always on the hunt for products that make me look more refreshed and awake especially if I had a long night

Haha I love the name of this mask. There is definitely a part of me of me like that :P

Fist I love the creativity of the packaging: the drawings and the name of the masks are unique

Like other sheet masks I have previously used, all the MaskerAide Sheet Masks are very refreshing simply from the hydration alone. They are very damp masks and even after wearing the mask for the suggested 10-20 minutes there was still a lot of serum left which you could use on your hands to moisturize etc

There wasn't a particular mask that stood out more than the others. They all hydrated my skin without any irritation. If you have not used a sheet mask before, the level of hydration is like a serum - it is light unlike using a night cream for example. Personally I use a serum prior to applying cream at night so I still used a night cream after I used these sheet masks

One thing I like about these masks is that they are made in Korea
Korean skincare products have been pretty good for my sensitive skin type

I can see these masks being fun to use when you're doing a slumber party or if you enjoy doing an "at-home spa treatment" as I like to call it :) 

Have you tried any facial sheet masks?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sisterhood Tag

Yay!! Thank you so much to Galaxia for awarding me the Sisterhood Tag :)
Galaxia came up with some really creative questions which I answered:

1. What’s a little luxury that you treat yourself to after a long day?
Sleep!!! LOL
All kidding aside the little things I do for myself after a long day can be as simple as using a
particular scented body lotion, using a face mask or listening to music.
Enjoying a bottle of red with great company is one of my favourite ways to unwind

2. How do you feel about your siblings, or how do you feel about being an only child?

I have two sisters and that's a very interesting question you asked.
I don't think I can answer your question in one or two sentences
Overall it's important to me that I clearly understand where every person in my life stands and what priority I place on that relationship. I guess I view relationships more factually rather than placing emphasis on emotion
3. Who’s your current celebrity crush?!

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were super hot in Thor
4. If you’re single, is there someone you’re wishing would ask you out? If you’re taken, how did you and that person decide to be in a relationship (describe the proposal, etc)?
I am very happily single :) 
There was one person I met this past summer and for about two weeks after meeting him, I had wished things could have developed a bit more. Other than that it's been about two years since someone last piqued my interest. Strangely I have no desire at the moment to be in a relationship and there is nobody I wish would ask me out. 

5. What’s your favorite nail polish shade to wear?

I have favourite shades for all other kinds of makeup. However when it comes to nail polish this is the only area of makeup where I openly experiment with colour, texture and finish. So I don't have a favourite nail polish shade - I wear all sorts from neons, blacks, reds, pinks, nudes, glitter, you name it!

6. Show us a piece of jewelry you would love to have!
 I love statement necklaces! Lately I've shopped from Nordstrom, Marciano and Baublebar for most necklaces. Here's one at Nordstrom that I'll probably pick up:

7. What kind of cell phone do you have?

I have an iPhone 5 
8. Which TV show or movie should I watch when I have the chance?

I met someone during TIFF that watches a lot of movies because they invest in films.
When I asked him what his favourite movie was this year he said The Wolf of Wall Street. I have not seen the movie yet however it is on my list especially since he recommended it and I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby
9. What book would you recommend I read before 2014 is over?
10. Have you ever experienced blatant racism or discrimination?
Sadly yes. However it is generally what I hear being said or done to others rather than being directed to myself. Fortunately Toronto is a very multicultural and metropolitan city where racism or discrimination is thankfully not a concern for me or anyone that I know. 

I would love to nominate all of you to share your answers with me :) 
Please feel free to write your answers in the comments or if you create a blog post for your answers I would love for you to share the link to it!

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