Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter :)

Thank you for the lovely flowers xx

Happy Easter Everyone! :) 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Raptor's Win :)

The Air Canada Centre - this is where the Toronto Raptors play at home
Aaaand we're going to the Playoffs this year! :D 

Nothing beats spending quality time with family
I am sooo happy my older sister Carol joined me at the game tonight :)
And it was her first NBA Game!!! 

Raptors win against the Indiana Pacers
It was a great game. Go Raps!!!

I am so proud of the coaching staff and players that made the 2013-2014 season a phenomenal one.

Do you follow the NBA? 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review: Hopeful Kiss Online Lipstick Shop

I was given an awesome opportunity to review a new online lipstick sample shop that a friend and fellow blogger just started :)
Thank you so much Galaxia for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

It's a really neat concept. It's a website where you can purchase lipstick samples. 
And these are generous sample sizes (about half a gram). 

The concept is that by purchasing a sample you get to test out the lipstick colour at several times before you commit to purchasing a full sized product. 
It's a great idea because too often I've purchased a lipstick that I tried on once in the store (or sometimes I don't even try it) and then I go home and in different lighting etc the colour doesn't look as good as I thought it did. Then I'm stuck with another lip product that I probably won't use
Have you ever had that issue before?

Also, if you like wearing various shades of lipstick this might be a great store for you. 
You can purchase a number of different shades at a very affordable price. It gives you the opportunity to have a greater variety of lipstick shades rather than using that same amount of money to buy full sized products at a store which wouldn't give you as much variety in colours.

Plus, Galaxia ships worldwide.
So if your country does not carry a brand/colour of lipstick that you want to purchase, her store may very well carry that brand/colour. You can feel free to contact her regarding that here.

Galaxia shipped out my parcel on Monday March 10th
She emailed me personally the following day to let me know she had shipped the parcel via USPS and provided me with the customs number. 

I received my parcel Tuesday March 18th - about a week later since it had to clear customs at the US-Canada border.

As you can see Galaxia very generously included a number of extras!

It was very sweet of Galaxia to add a personal touch by included a handwritten Thank You card.
I am very sentimental. I keep all my handwritten notes and cards :) 

She very thoughtfully included a hairband / headwrap

It was very kind of Galaxia to include a handmade anklet as well!
I love the turquoise colour and the cute leaf embellishments 

Now, this pack of Extra Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip gum really surprised me!

Pretty much three years to this date, I wrote a blog post about trying to locate this specific flavoured gum (you may see my post here).

I am one of the few people I know that absolutely loves mint chocolate chip ice cream!
And Galaxia remembered that I love mint chocolate chip ice cream because it's also a favourite of hers :) I was really touched because this was a very personalized surprise and it shows that she put a lot of sincere thought into my parcel

Galaxia includes a free lip brush with all her orders and it really comes in handy for applying the lipstick samples that you order

Awww, Galaxia also included a full sized NYX Butter Gloss in the colour Eclair (BLG02)

I am really impressed with the formula - it's very smooth, moisturizing, shiny and pigmented. 
It's not sticky at all and the colour is such a pretty, wearable bubblegum pink. 

These are the two generous samples from Galaxia's online lipstick shop.

This angle will show you how large the sample sizes are!
I've probably used both lipsticks 5-7 times each and I still have enough for a few more wears :)

It's a very wearable shiny, sheer rosy pink coloured lipstick
I think it would flatter many lighter skin tones and it's a great staple colour

Galaxia did a wonderful job modelling and reviewing this lipstick colour here
I do agree with her that this is a lighter wash of colour so it will show up better on lighter skin tones 

Swatch of Milani's Colour Statement Lipstick in 'Fruit Punch' which you can purchase here

Wow I usually avoid any bright coloured lipsticks but I am loving this one!
It's very pigmented so a little goes a long way which means you get a lot of use out of your sample :)

Galaxia also beautifully modelled and reviewed this lipstick colour here
And I do agree with her that this lipstick has a nice fruity scent 


Of course, I endorse Galaxia's new online lipstick shop Hopeful Kiss.
First online shopping is so convenient. And I love the idea behind her store: it's a very affordable way to purchase various lipstick colours and brands.

Galaxia is a lovely friend of mine. She is a wonderful person and I had the opportunity to meet her last year (you may read that blog post here).  She's very sincere and very thoughtful - and I think even if you haven't had the chance to meet her, you can probably see from the very personalized and very generous extras she included in my parcel that she is a very kind person. She has great customer service skills and makeup is a passion of hers.
With all that in mind, I hope you check out her online shop here and her blog here to show her your support :) 

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