Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hazelnuts are Filberts

Do you learn stuff that seems so trivial you just can't help laughing? 

I was doing groceries this week and one of the items on my list was hazelnuts

I went to three grocery stores (three!) all in one evening looking for hazelnuts - plain roasted hazelnuts ideally

There I was, walking up and down the nut aisle in three different stores. Staring at each nut label like the word hazelnut would miraculously appear the longer I stared. A confession: at one of the stores I probably walked up and down that aisle five times and took a break after the third time because another shopper was there and I didn't want him to get freaked out with my intense staring of labels! 

You know, I saw every nut I ever heard of except for hazelnuts

The hilarious part was I thought to myself: okay. I have not been reading the News, so was there some bad snowstorm or weather issue where they grow hazelnuts and that's the reason stores are not carrying them this time?
Yep. That must be it. Shortage of hazelnuts. All across Toronto.
In the meantime I picked up a deluxe nut mix

Then I started eating the deluxe nut mix. There were these nuts that looked just like hazelnuts and they taste like hazelnuts too! (oh the dramatic eye rolls and sighs) 
I looked at the ingredients: the only nut that I did not recognize was "filbert"
I thought, wow are filberts similar to hazelnuts
 Wikipedia did not let me down: apparently hazelnuts are also called filberts
And you know what?! All the grocery stores I went to carried filberts. Ah ha - there is no shortage of hazelnuts LOL

Gosh, how did I go this long without knowing hazelnuts are also called filberts?
Better yet, why do I always see chocolate covered hazelnuts?
Have you seen "chocolate covered filberts"? 
That's really what threw me off to be honest. 

Was there something you recently learned or experienced that seems so trivial it made you laugh? 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Deciem The Hut Group Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense Review

Are you ever mesmerized by beautiful hair ads and think "omigosh I want hair just like that!"? 

You whip out your credit card as you frantically dash to your computer to submit an online purchase for whatever hair product they promoted?

Okay, that might be a bit dramatic LOL
But pleaseee, I can't be the only one saying "yes" to all that full, luscious voluminous hair

Admittedly, I am in denial that any hair model could possibly be wearing extensions.
Hmmm, did you say the ad looks substantially photoshopped?! Nooo....say it ain't so.

That gorgeous hair has gotta be natural and attainable with some great styling tool or product that they're trying to sell me, right?!!!

Slightly embarrassed to admit this however there are not many reviews of this product online so I thought I would share an input for anyone considering this product: this is my third bottle of  Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense.

So far it has only performed as a glorified voluminizing hair product. 

I confided in one friend (who has beautiful hair) that I bought this product.
After he chuckled, he immediately asked "Have you tried Rogaine?"
NO! For the record I have not tried nor considered Rogaine.
Thank goodness gracious for my full head of hair.

Wouldn't it be nice to roll out of bed with really, really, really nice hair? :) :)
Kinda like how the prettiest lions have the nicest mane  ;P

Mid-way through my most recent hair cut my hair stylist, Vivian, proclaimed "you have thick hair!"

Now, I have had previous hair stylists 100% sugar coat their flattering comments in ways that made me feel slightly uncomfortable and begin to silently ponder their honesty. Not Vivian though. She's awesome and honest. Ten minutes prior to her "thick hair" comment she was washing my hair and said aloud "Wow! You have white hairs!"
See. So I know she's not trying to flatter me LOL 
It's all good. I appreciate the honest approach. And Vivian's great at her job which is why she's my go-to stylist :)

 Back to the conversation
Vivian: "You have thick hair!"
Me: "Really?! I was worried I was prematurely balding"
Vivian: "No you have thick hair"
I glance at Vivian's hair. Hair is not my specialty mind you. Me: "I think you have thick hair as well!"
Vivian: "No. Even if my hair was longer like yours, it does not look the same because it's not as thick"

Ah okay. That painted a clear picture. 
And then I thought about the Hair Density Serum Intense.
Has that helped my hair get thicker? Better question: IS my hair even thicker?!! 

Do you look up reviews online prior to purchasing an item? 

Sometimes I look up reviews prior to making a purchase.
When I do look up reviews I often head to
Gotta love great Amazon reviewers who take the time and effort to share their feedback :)  Thank you helpful Amazon reviewers!!! A couple of reviewers mentioned they have certain conditions that cause sparse hair and they noticed this serum helped them.

I am extremely fortunate I am healthy with a full head of hair. So it is a bit more challenging for me to notice a difference in my hair growth unless its remarkable. 

After Vivian's comment and reading a couple of glowing reviews on Amazon, I purchased my third bottle of Hair Density Serum Intense. We'll see how the third round goes.
If it still only performs as a glorified voluminizing hair product, I may reconsider purchasing this again.

Have you tried any hair growth products?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sunny Daydreams

One way I have been relaxing this summer is spending time visiting my parents and soaking up some sun in their backyard :) 

While doing that over the long July weekend, I took this picture of the pretty clouds rolling across the sun.
It reminded me of something I use to do very often as a young child, especially during car rides.
I use to stare up at the clouds and immediately see shapes of things; and I would happily watch the movement of these imaginary things as the clouds moved and transformed in the sky. I would often see shapes like gummy bears, candies, lollipops, castles, dragons, horses, dogs, you name it. They would just pop out at me; wouldn't have to think hard at all about what it looked like.

Surprisingly I did not and have not explicitly shared this with my family; it was just something I silently enjoyed doing.
Sheesh, my  parents must have just thought I was a nice quiet well behaved kid during car rides for no apparent reason LOL :P
I look forward to sharing this with my parents when I see them next :)

Was there something you really enjoyed doing as a young child that involved daydreaming or being creative? 

Do you daydream often now? 

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