Thursday, July 24, 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Galaxia at Hopeful Kiss passed on this award to me :)
Thank you for thinking of me Galaxia!

What is the award about? 
You share Seven Random Facts About Yourself and nominate other bloggers - I nominate anyone who would like to do this award :) 


Seven Random Facts about Karen

1. I am very happily single :) Yayyy!!!

2. The two latest pairs of high heels added to my collection are Rockport
For those of you who know me well, quit laughing! LOL There is a story behind it!

3. I have nine keys/FOBS on my keychain

4. I enjoy the feeling against my gums when I use dental floss 

5. With foam ear plugs I am a terrific sleeper (fall asleep within 5-10 mins, can sleep well on planes etc) 

6. My favourite sauce at the moment is Sriracha

7. I want to accessorize my outfits with more belts and statement necklaces

Please share your link with me if you post this award as well!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Review: CN Tower EdgeWalk

Omigosh I did the CN Tower Edge Walk earlier this month! 
It was awesome!!!

I thank my friend Ken for the fun idea and for taking me along :)
Thank you so much Ken for such a memorable fun day!

The EdgeWalk is definitely a unique experience
It is Toronto's tallest urban adventure where you enjoy a 20-30 minute walk along the roof of CN Tower's restaurant 1,168 ft (365 m) above the ground. 

We really lucked out on the weather and we did the first walk on Friday July 11th at 9:30 am
It was a beautiful warm sunny day with clear skies 
The haze over the city had not set in yet and we were informed that the haze generally starts to set in around 11:00 am for those that are planning to time their EdgeWalk for best views

One thing that really surprised me: I was expecting it to be windy up there
Honestly, there was not even a breeze when we were up there. My hair did not blow an inch! 
Judging from pictures I have seen from others that have done the EdgeWalk, this is generally not the case. So we really could not have lucked out with a better day :) 

It was remarkably peaceful and beautiful
The peace and quiet reminded me of parasailing (you may read here) and my experience on a hot air balloon ride (you may read here). 
There is something about being away from ground level in the free open air

With the exception of the front desk cashier, the staff were all so friendly, in big smiles and were very encouraging which is great (and very important for events like this!). The staff all stand up, cheer and clap their hands encouragingly once you get harnessed up as a group and walk to the elevator. 
I am very happy with the positive attitude and professionalism of the staff. 

It was also extremely reassuring how many different staff members and how many times your harness and cords get checked, tightened and secured. 

Oh, and please don't get any bright ideas to have a drink beforehand. Trust me, the thought crossed my mind more than once and I even voiced my idea to Ken. Thank goodness Ken had the sense to say no (really, I was just kidding as I would only do this sober). In fact, before you get harnessed up (after paying admission) everyone is given a breathalyzer test.
It was the first time I had a breathalyzer test done and the first time I even saw such a device in person. At first I thought the breathalyzer was some kind of MP3 player or cell phone in the staff's hands - it is not a dated device and there is no mouthpiece.

We had a great group of people join us on our walk. We had the maximum of six people and it was all our first time doing the EdgeWalk. In fact, the other two couples in our group had not even been up the CN Tower before so it was awesome they were starting on the outside of the tower before the inside! What a brave group :)  

I realize after watching our take home video that the person leading the group will be on the forefront of most of the video footage. This is because for the majority of the time your guide who is wearing the video camera on their helmet, will be at the front of the group (beside the first person in the group). However your guide will give every individual one on one assistance during the four activities that you do on the EdgeWalk

It was unplanned that I ended up leading our group of six
Initially I was fifth in line out the door and got bumped up to first. 
How did that happen? 
Once we went up the elevator we all stood in single file behind the door leading outside. Before we got roped in, our guide Kyle asked who was feeling the most confident. I think the only person whose hand shot up immediately was the young lady who was first in the line out the door. So Kyle had her and her partner go to the back of the line. Kyle then asked the couple ahead of me how they are feeling - this couple were visiting from Spain and said their English was not very good so Kyle asked them to go to the back of the line. So I ended up being the first of our group out the door! 

Speaking of the take home video that you get as a souvenir, the majority of the pictures in this post are screenshots from the take home video so you can judge the quality 

Awww we're all clapping our hands as a group after our first activity called "Toes Over Toronto"

I was laughing and smiling a lot in the video as was everyone else :) 
Clearly we were all enjoying ourselves

Yes there is only one thing you can hang onto when you are doing the EdgeWalk and it is not your guide nor is it the person beside you LOL
You can only hang onto the black rope you are attached to in front of you
And you are clearly instructed to keep your hands off the carabiner

That's me taking my first steps backwards to do the "Backwards Lean" activity
The person at the back of the group had the privilege of doing this activity first as we all do this one by one with the assistance of our guide

Wow I think this is the hottest picture of me everrr LMAO
Really I know it's not the most flattering...although I was having a great time and that's what matters :)   This happened to be the souvenir picture that the staff printed out for me (you do not get to select the complimentary souvenir picture)

Another note about pictures: you get two complimentary hardcopy souvenir pictures to take home. One of them is a group picture and the other is your picture leaning backwards off the Edge. Both these pictures are chosen and printed by the staff.
You are given the option to purchase additional hardcopy pictures that your guide took.
The DVD video you get as part of the package does not include any video footage when you had your individual or subgroup pictures taken. So if you are thinking you can take screenshots from the video at home instead of purchasing the pictures after your tour, that is not the case! When it's time to purchase additional pictures at the end of your tour, if you see a picture you really like then I advise you to purchase it because you will not have that footage on your DVD to take a computer screenshot  from. The additional pictures you purchase will come on USB or CD so it's convenient to share with others in your group if you purchase any of the group pictures

I had such a fun memorable experience doing the EdgeWalk :)
I highly recommend it and the reviews on TripAdvisor place the EdgeWalk as the third highest ranked activity to do in Toronto

Have you done the EdgeWalk or are planning to? 
Have you done a similar activity? 
Does your city have a unique activity? 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Formula X Unmistakable

Formula X Unmistakable is one of the colours in the Formula X Twenty-Two Set.

I usually keep my nails in various shades of pinks, corals or reds however I wanted a change of pace and this turned out to be such a gorgeous shade. 

It looks like a turquoise blue colour to me. 
I am surprised online it describes the colour as a "pastel jade" as I see more blue than green - the swatch colour on Sephora is a light shade of green which isn't close to how the colour looks when applied. 
The Formula X Unmistakable is from their New Neutrals colour line. It's a pretty bold solid colour after two coats - not exactly what would come to mind when I think neutral. Despite the description of colour or the colour line it's in, I love the shade and the nail polish applies nicely :) 

Have you painted your nails a shade of blue recently? 

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