Sunday, November 9, 2014

Best Nail Polish Remover. Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover vs Joe Fresh Extra Strength

This time Formula X let me down

I purchased the Sephora Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover after reading reviews that it removes glitter and red nail polish very easily. I thought, "Super! I'm not into scrubbing away at glitter or the smeared stains from red nail polish so I'm going to give this a shot" 

Well it didn't live up to my expectations
I still resorted to the foil method for removing glitter and it took the usual few extra soaked cotton balls to get rid of smears from red nail polishes when I used the Sephora Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover

The good news is that I also purchased the Joe Fresh Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover at about the same time as I purchased the Sephora Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover

The Joe Fresh Nail Polish Remover works just as well if not better than the Sephora Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover
I am very impressed with it and the bonus is that the Joe Fresh Nail Polish Remover is a third of the price of the Sephora Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover

I will definitely repurchase the Joe Fresh Nail Polish Remover

Since dispenser might be important to some, I wanted to point out that the dispenser for the Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover has a cap that locks when you slide it to the left. Just to note, the lock is not secure enough to keep it from leaking when you throw it in your luggage for travel. I know this because I picked up the Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover from the States and brought it back home during my travels. Otherwise, it's a convenient dispenser if you're just at home and want to dispense some remover onto a cotton ball while using one hand.

The only other nail polish remover that performs just as well at removing glitter and red stains is the Sally Hansen Kwik Off Salon Formula for Artificial Nails. Yes, it is made for fake nails however I have used it to make my life easier when removing glitter nail polish 

What is the best nail polish remover you tried?

Have you tried any of these brands of nail polish removers?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Queen of the Night Flower

This is for all the flower enthusiasts....

My parents had two Queen of the Night Flowers blooming at the same time one evening 
I happily went to visit my parents while staying up til the crack of dawn watching the flowers bloom :) 
Staying up into the wee hours of the morning watching a flower bloom is a first for me! 

The blooming of the flower is apparently quite rare 
The interesting thing is that this species of night-blooming flower only starts blooming at night (around 9:00 pm). And it only stays in bloom for several hours. The flower will fully wilt before sunrise. I believe it reached full bloom around 2:00 am and started to close slowly by 3:00 am

It's kind of neat that despite the plant being indoors it still only bloomed late the evening and wilted well before sunrise 

The plant itself is a type of cactus although there's no sharp thorns on this plant

One thing is that the fragrance from the flower is sooo nice
It's a very beautiful flower and even more so being a rare bloom 

I found this really interesting - can you see how the flower's stem shoots out of the corner edge of the leaf? 
Seeing how large and heavy the flower is, I would not have guessed that it grew out of the corner of one of the plant leaves

And this is what the Queen of the Night looks like in the morning when it is fully wilted

We had a new flower that was going to bloom in a couple of days and this is what it looks like

Can you imagine the first few people that discovered this flower in the wild?!! 
I can only imagine wandering around in a forest in the middle of the night with who knows what man eating animals are around....eesh

Anyways, I'm not a flower enthusiast by any means however I was really fortunate to visit The Butchart Gardens earlier this year in Victoria British Columbia. Now that I notice the spelling it's not pronounced "Butt - Chart" like how it looks LOL
Anyways, on my parents recommendation we checked it out

I think we were gardened-out for quite some time after spending a few hours at Butchart Gardens
however I can certainly appreciate the the upkeep required to maintain a vast garden of that size

The most beautiful part of the Butchart Gardens for me was the view from overlooking the Sunken Garden. Here's a picture I took of the view.....

Have you visited any beautiful gardens or seen any rare flowers? 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Singing Toothbrushes

We get to fall back an hour today
Daylight Saving Time has always been easier for me in the Fall than in the Spring
I still figure it would be easiest if we scrap the whole idea...anyways I found this map on wikipedia and it's neat to see where Daylight Saving Time is practiced

Do you have Daylight Saving Time where you're from?

Totally random: look what I found in a store the other day....

Yah! A Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush and a Lady Gaga Singing Toothbrush
That's different. I can see the novelty
I didn't pick one up to replace my beloved Oral B Professional Toothbrush although about half the time I brush my teeth I will play some music in the background so I know I'm brushing for a good 3-5 mins

Would you pick up a singing toothbrush? 

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