Monday, December 15, 2014

Vacation: Cocoa Beach & Banana River Florida

I forgot how much I enjoy being beachside by the ocean 
I am really fortunate I had the chance to relax by Cocoa Beach this week
Here are a few pictures from our trip

I absolutely love a quiet deserted beach
This was the Atlantic Ocean just steps from our beachside guesthouse which I wrote about here

He found all the nice unique seashells :)

Look at how this piece of rock had little seashells embedded into it

This was an awesome one he found as well - it looks like a leaf was fossilized into it

This seashell was by far the most unique that I have seen

And this was the back of that seashell

A hole in the sand that a crab dug out

The seabird on the right gave us a good laugh :)
It was a relentless bird and it kept squawking at the poor bird beside it
It was funny to see how well the one bird ignored the one squawking at it and how it stood its ground instead of moving away

Do you happen to know what kind of bird this is? 
It looks like a seagull with an interesting hairline :)

Ooo I was most impressed with this pelican
The tuff of feathers on his head looked so soft and cute! 

Out in the distance is the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral 

Do you see the fin of a dolphin out in the distance?

Other exciting wildlife siting we saw were dolphins!!!
One of the fishermen we met on the beach pointed out the first dolphin we saw and from there we saw a couple of others while walking along Cocoa Beach :)


One place to view a beautiful sunset near Cocoa Beach is the boat docking area at Banana River

This reminded me of the mangroves that Dale & I kayaked among in Bonita Springs which I wrote about here

It automatically made me think that there could be dolphins and manatees in Banana River, both of which have been seen in the river
Banana River is in fact a lagoon

The beautiful sunset followed me home on the plane :)

Where was your last vacation?

When you think of a vacation, what destination place do you think of? 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review: Fruits & Passion Blueberry Nourishing Butter

I'm usually not a huge fan of body butters, particularly the ones from The Body Shop, however I quite like this Fruits & Passion Blueberry Nourishing Butter. This is probably my fourth or fifth container

I love how rich and thick the consistency is and I especially love how it smells
It is a lightly scented of blueberries and not in a synthetic way at all

In terms of moisturizing it's typical of body butters to sit on your skin more so than absorbing into your skin. I use it mainly for the scent. So I mix this with my favourite HG Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Skin Lotion which does an awesome job with moisturizing :)

Have you tried this body butter from Fruits & Passion?

What is your favourite skincare lotion? 

Vacation: Beach Place Guesthouses, Cocoa Beach FL

How have you been doing? :)
I had a really nice chance to relax for a few days in Cocoa Beach Florida
It's beautiful there and the people are super friendly!

Fluffy white clouds are so pretty :)

When I was really young I use to look up at the clouds during car rides and imagine what shape the clouds looked like. Usually I thought the shape of clouds resembled certain animals :)

Did you ever look up at clouds and use your imagination with the different shapes? 

This was the view of the Atlantic ocean from our room :)

I was really impressed with the room and the fantastic location at Beach Place Guesthouses

It was the first time I stayed at a place like this. Usually I stay at a large chain hotel or resort.
This was a really nice change of pace and the room we had, La Virginia, was much nicer than I expected. I loved how there was plenty of room for the two of us, how there was a separate washroom from the shower room and a full kitchen. The were two sets of french doors leading out to the beach and we were steps from decks to lounge on, a fire pit and the ocean.

It was very quaint, peaceful and relaxing

Do you usually stay at large chain hotels/ resorts or do you usually stay at a guesthouse or other types of properties? 

The guesthouse had a number of decks and lounge areas by the beach
This deck area was just a few steps away from our kitchen and living room ;)

This was the nice fire pit conveniently located just outside our room

Cocoa Beach
This is what I love: a nice quiet, deserted beach
Couldn't have asked for a better time of the year to visit

Do you prefer quiet beaches or busy beaches?

Thank you for the beautiful flowers Rich xx

Looking back at our guesthouse from the beach

We were informed there was a change of ownership at Beach Place Guesthouses

Rich had stayed here before and he noticed that the maintenance or upkeep was not as good as the previous ownership. I didn't know any better since this was my first stay. I was still really content especially with the location and the privacy of the place

I love how the guesthouse lit up the decks at night
It was so pretty and it gave us the option to enjoy the evening outside
And with the ocean beside us I wanted to relax outdoors :)

The fire pit was a nice touch. It helped to keep us warm and entertained in the evenings

From top to bottom the small white light is Jupiter followed by the white light of the Moon and below the moon is the moon's yellowish shadow.

Ooooo and I saw my very first shooting star out here :) 
Actually I saw two shooting stars that night and I saw Jupiter!!

I would have no clue it was Jupiter among the stars however Rich had an App on his phone called Google SkyJupiter looked like a bright star however it had a slightly orange tinge to it

Have you seen a shooting star or any planets? 

Let me know how you've been doing :)

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