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MISIKKO REVIEW: HANAair Professional Hair Dryer

Healthy, beautiful and well styled hair certainly helps you look fabulous :)
And it's important to invest in the right tools to help you achieve that look 

Misikko is an online store that offers salon grade hair styling tools such as the Chi Hair Straightener and this HANAair Professional Hair Dryer

It's Misikko's premiere hair dryer and one of their store's top selling products

What makes the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer salon grade? 

Well it was produced by Hana Salon to ensure top salon performance.
The look of the hair dryer is exceptionally stylish and sleek because it's actually the industry's first Italian design inspired hair dryer

It is also a Ceramic Tourmaline hair dryer. This means that the heating element is ceramic, not plastic or metal which you would find in cheap hair dryers at a lot of major department stores. The plastic or metal heating elements on cheap hair dryers cause water to literally boil off your hair with uneven intense heat. That sounds pretty bad doesn't it?! On top of that, the harmful heat energy releases positive ions that opens the cuticles on your hair shaft - so your hair becomes brittle, dry, frizzy and unhealthy over time :(

With the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer, the ceramic heater uses the most advanced far infrared ionic heat. And the hair dryer operates on Titanium Oxide Technology. Basically, this means the heat is radiant and penetrates the hair shaft safely instead of drying hair from the outside in. It produces negatively charged ions which traps moisture in your hair (what you want!) to eliminate frizz and to give the hair more body - all while maintaining healthy hair. And, since this HANA hair dryer is infused with pure tourmaline crystals, it makes the ceramic heating more gentle and safer - ceramic space heaters do not catch fire the way metal ones are prone to (eek!). This makes the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer the highest in quality and performance. It's simply the best blow dryer  I have used and so many other customers have agreed also

So, knowing this comparison between a $20 plastic hair dryer and a $200 professional salon grade hair dryer, hopefully it will help you decide between your needs and budget, and which is right for you. 
I agree that salon grade hair styling tools are not cheap at first - they are an investment that will more than pay off in the end. Consider how often you blow dry your hair and how many years a good salon hair dryer lasts  (the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer comes with a free 2 year warranty when you order through Misikko). If you chose a cheaper $20 hair dryer, consider how much money you will spend on deep conditioners and other hair products to try to counteract the damage that was caused from all your blow drying from the cheap hair dryer - this amount is probably higher than you think.

You've gotta love the settings on this hair dryer - do you see the three buttons? 

The first round button is for cold air, which is perfect for setting your finished hair style

The top switch (middle of handle) is for airflow options: High Airflow (II), Low Airflow (I) and the power button (OFF)

The bottom switch gives you more setting options: High Heat Setting (II), Medium Heat Setting (I) and Low Heat Setting (OFF)

The great thing about the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer is that when you activate an airflow or even a setting option, the change is almost immediate. For example, it takes mere seconds to go from the hottest heat to cold air coming out if you press the cold shot button.

How much power does the HANA hair dryer have?

The HANAair Blow Dryer is a very powerful hair dryer. It operates at 2,300 watts. 
Because of this, it is so much easier for me to achieve hair with great body and volume (isn't that what every girl wants?!). 

The powerful air flow that comes out of the fiberglass concentrator attachment also gives me better control over my hair styling and sets my styled hair much better :)

What are some of the other features I love about this hair dryer?

Another thing I really love about the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer is the beautiful scratch resistant outer shell to make it more durable. And the blow dryer has a black metallico finish, which makes it really easy to clean (perfect for just easily wiping off any hair styling products that might have transferred onto the blow dryer)

Plus, on both sides of the blow dyer there are cylindrical rubber stoppers built-in. So you can lay your blow dyer on a slick counter top surface without worrying it will slip off the counter top, drop on your floor and possibly get damaged or break :S 
Both the scratch resistant and built-in rubber stoppers have been great features to have.

The HANAair Professional Hair Dryer is also really well thought out in terms of ergonomic design. It is gyroscopically balanced for easier handling and I can attest to that! My hands and arms often get tired from gripping a blow dryer and holding it up for too long if I'm styling my hair. But this is the best blow dryer for handling - my hands do not feel tired after usage even though this quality hair dryer has a good weight to it. 

Another feature I really like about the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer is that the filter on the back of the blow dryer does not need to be replaced (this is the reason the filter cap is not removable). So a little less maintenance is always something nice to hear :)

The next thing, which I really think makes the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer one of the best blow dryers on the market, is the added safety feature on it. 

This is the power plug for the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer - it is a ground fault circuit interrupter plug. The thing is, I have seen so many salon grade styling tools that do not have this type of safety power plug - instead they have the basic electrical plug. 

Why do I love this added safety feature on the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer ?

Well the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is designed to prevent accidents leading to electrocution or severe electrical shock! It is extremely well thought out to have this GFCI plug on the blow dryer because the blow dryer is often used in the bathroom and it can easily come into contact with water accidentally. Also, if there's any leakage of electrical current outside of the regular path of flow, the GFCI plug is able to detect that difference in current leakage which then trips the breaker and avoids serious electrical danger. So this is a wise safety mechanism to have.

Another important feature I wanted to point out is the electrical power cord for the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer. To the left of the picture you can see that the power cord of the HANA blow dryer is much thicker and much better insulated than a traditional electrical cord as shown to the right of the picture for comparison. I see that as an added safety bonus and a practical thing. It helps prevent the insulation on the electrical cord from damage due to constant bending, folding and storage of the wires in a certain way. 

When I purchase good quality products, I always look at which country the product is made in. I say that because for example, I don't think products made in China are of good quality at all - in fact I personally think that products made in China are cheap in quality and are not meant to last long. So I wanted to point out that the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer is made in Korea. I believe Korea has great standards for their beauty products in particular so I was very happy to know this fact :) This may or may not affect your buying decision, but it certainly would for me.

So, can you tell that I absolutely LOVE my HANAair Professional Hair Dryer? :)
It is such a high quality hair styling toolI absolutely recommend it as a great investment purchase for maintaining beautifully styled hair. I haven't come across another salon grade blow dryer that has topped my HANAair Professional Hair Dryer

Have you invested in any salon grade hair styling tools?  


Galaxia said...

wow, great review! i'll have to check misikko out : )
girl, you KNOW i invest in salon haircare! lol

Karen Law said...

Thank you Galaxia :) I really really love the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer, which is sold online through It's really a great quality blow dryer for the price - the settings, the feel, the overall well thought out's really one to consider if you're looking to invest in a salon quality hair dryer. And I totally know that you invest in top haircare products and tools :) Let me know if you have any questions or what you're deciding on! Thanks for sharing Hun x

G A B Y said...

Hi Karen! I really need a new hair dryer as mine is super small and makes strange noises when I use it, something I'm scared it will just explose in my face LOL! I've seen this hair dryer pop around on many blogs and everybody seems to love it (:

Karen Law said...

Hi Gaby! Omigosh I really hope your old small hair dryer doesn't explode on you. Yes, the HANAair professional hair dryer is amazing. I know it's really made to high standards if you're looking to invest in a new salon grade blow dryer :)

Eugenia said...

I love Misikko, they are so nice! Good review! I love my CHI, I've had one for over 8 years and can't ever go back tot he cheap ones!

MontserGirl said...

This was the perfect review I needed to read! I have been looking around for a professional hair dryer and honestly am overwhelmed at the selection! I have read and watched a lot of reviews but this one as one of the best ones I have seen! You were so detailed it was really helpful. I agree the tools are an investment and I know $200 is a lot too fork out for a blow dryer =\ but it has a lot of nice features and I never thought about how much money I probably spend on deep conditioners since I abusing my crappy $20 dryer lol. Good point!! I also have been wondering if my hair feels blahh from my hair dryer? Do you notice that big of a difference compared to the cheap ones?
If I can not be cheap I will see if I could ever let myself buy this one because it sounds really amazing:)

Karen Law said...

Misikko is a great company for sure! They've been so great and I always see how well they treat their customers with so many generous full sized extras included in their orders.
I haven't tried any CHI styling tools although CHI Silk Infusion was my favourite leave-in treatment for quite some time. I honestly do find the HANA Shine Shield (sold on better than the very well known CHI Silk Infusion.
Thanks for sharing Eugenia :) Have a great start to your weekend Hun x

Karen Law said...

Hi Taygan! Thanks so much :) I'm glad my review helped you out.
It's quite possible that the blow dryer you have is causing your hair to not feel its best. The only cheap blow dryers I've used recently as a comparison are the ones that were stashed in my hotel rooms. And oh boy, those blow dryers are pretty bad. The type heat emanating from those cheap hair dryers in the hotels really feel like they're burning my hair in a bad way - honestly. So I usually avoid the cheap blow dryers in the hotels if I can. I wish I could travel with my HANAair Premiere Hair Dryer since I LOVE it that much - but it's a bit silly to travel with a full sized blow dryer especially now that our flight tickets only include one check in luggage instead of the old two.
For sure! Let me know if you have any questions deciding on what hair dryer to get :)

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